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Move business forward with a strategic investment in digital transformation

Metatracer is the result of the association of specialists in document processing and management, law and systems integration with more than 35 years of experience.
Our mission is to be the key and the portal of the future of digital transformation and the first strategic partner to enable organizations to reach the full potential of their digital transformation.
Our approach allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution that they can use to drastically reduce the costs associated with their digital transformation.
Why Choose Us

Why to invest in Metatracer's services and training?

The economic benefits of workforce training, allow your organization
to effectively and quickly measure the ROI associated with the implementation of our processes by a reduction of the physical storage space of paper and electronic documents, the ability to quickly find documents, an increased electronic collaboration between your
workforce and customers and the minimization of risks associated
with the protection of personal and confidential data.
Our processes will increase your productivity, your security, your compliance and your customer relationship. In addition to autonomy, you benefit from the implementation of quality assurance processes incorporating best practices suggested by ISO 1464, 27005, 3030, the Canadian standard CAN/CGSB-72.34-2017 and the French standard NF Z42-026.
Our unique approach and expertise in workforce training are key factors in the economic growth of the companies that join it. Researches show that investments in human capital are directly linked to economic growth at both the individual and corporate levels. This new know-how contributes directly to increase productivity in business, which enriches and retains human capital.



Making information accessible is the ultimate goal of implementing a compliant capture system. Paper is clearly not accessible to information technology unless it is digitized.


The implementation of a governance-based capture process allows an organization to make information accessible to all systems in place so that this information is aligned with the organization's objectives.


The management of paper documents is a source of loss, fraud, involuntary destruction, multiplication of documents, waste of time in the search for information, risk of unwanted retention and heaviness in the company’s processes.


Similarly, a poorly organized capture process will lead to high storage costs as a result of document multiplication, complex access management and data leakage risks, wasted time in finding information, uncertainty about document versions, and very delicate and expensive management of personal and confidential information. Moreover, these non-compliant processes do not allow the destruction of paper documents, produce documents of varying quality, whose naming system is disparate and whose size is often too large to allow effective sharing of documents by email or simply an impossible enlargement for reasons of density (or quality) resulting in pixelization effects.

Metatracer's benefits are numerous and avoid the above-mentioned problems and allow the customer to:


  • Reduce access time to information;

  • Reduce paper storage costs;

  • Reduce the cost of keeping multiple versions of the same electronic document;

  • Destroy paper documents;

  • Ensure that governance goals are met;

  • Reduce the risk of documentary fraud;

  • Ensure traceability of actions on a document;

  • Increase security related to the protection of personal and confidential information;

  • Ensure confidentiality of information;

  • Ensure the success of a record management program;

  • Expect a skilled and certified workforce;

  • Increase the performance of management systems already in place in its organization;

  • Protect the integrity of electronic documents that have been digitized, throughout their lifecycle;

  • Capture and store metadata to support the weight of authenticity of archived documents;

  • Manage the classification of documents in an inter-jurisdictional framework.


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