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We have the know-how you need and

we want you to take benefit from it.


We have developed a series of classes that allow your organization to benefit from the training of a qualified workforce.


We recommend an approach to give your organization complete autonomy of our processes to maximize the benefits of your digital transformation.  Our training is done on site with your staff in the ordinary course of your business in order to maximize their time.  At the end of the learning process, your employees will receive a certification and be able to effectively manage your record management program.


Metatracer is a “true copy” scanning solution that meets the needs of companies wishing to comply with the standard framework and regulatory requirements for the destruction of original paper documents.

Our capture processes are

unique on the market

A faithful capture process allows you to maximize usage of your IT environment and the elimination of your paper documents.
Take control of your information means time savings and immediate benefits.
The following chart shows how to implement legal and standard requirements for the digitization of a document.
— STEP 1 The Upperity ecosystem provides the Metatracer application with all user profiles registered in smart contracts. These user profiles are created as a result of a verification process (KYC/AML) to produce reliable user identity data. These profiles include the digital identity of individual users, the identity of entities and the role of each individual within each entity. In this way, a "Legally Authentic Working Context" (LAWC) is made available to applications in order to create the necessary links between the author of a document or action and the entity it represents.
— STEP 2 As part of the digitization process, metadata are captured through an automated process.   Different types of metadata are needed to ensure accurate scanning and reliable “true copy”.
— STEP 3 Once the process is completed, the system generates a Metadata Information Package (MIP), which it transfers to the injection and signature service.     

— STEP 4 The injection service allows the MIPs to be encapsulated within each PDF document that meets ISO 32000 and 19005-3 standards using XMP technology (following ISO 16684). Finally, each document is then sealed with a qualified digital signature certificate to protect its integrity throughout its life cycle.

 — STEP 5 Documents are then forwarded to the client's EDMS for archiving. MIPs are recorded in an interoperable format to be retrieved by most EDMS on the market for indexing purposes.
 — STEP 6 Documents can also be forwarded to a third-party electronic archiving system for preservation. This third-party electronic archiving system may be Upperity's Decentralized Electronic Archive System.

— STEP 7 Finally, MIPs are transmitted to the Upperity blockchain for registration for the persistence of information and subsequent verification by third parties. Thus, the authenticity and validity of every "Legally Authentic" documents created by Metatracer can be verified throughout their lifecycle, regardless of the systems that keep them (interoperability).
Capture processes

The digitization chain:

a “true copy” digitization process to

the eyes of laws and ISO standards.

Metatracer is a technological solution that
ensures the traceability of a document
within a real chain of custody throughout
its transfer process. To achieve this,
Metatracer creates a chain of custody
within the company and guarantees that
each stakeholder has a verified identity
and a certified role. Within this chain of
custody, all actions, decisions and statements
of stakeholders are captured and
recorded as metadata and then injected
within the document itself.


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